Risk and crisis communication

The National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) is national security coordinator and is always prepared for a (looming) crisis with national impact. Good risk and crisis communication is very important in this respect.

When we communicate about risks, people are well informed about possible dangers in their environment. As a result, they recognise threats better and act appropriately if a disaster actually occurs. Risk communication contributes to increasing a resilient, prepared and assertive society.

Good crisis communication means spreading correct, timely and comprehensible information about and during a crisis, disaster or incident. It is important that everyone in the Netherlands can receive this information.

Focus on the outside world

During a crisis, but also when one has not yet occurred, the government must explicitly take into account feelings in society. The crisis as perceived by the public is in fact the real crisis.

This requires the government to always think from the outside in and listen carefully to what is going on in society. Information is provided based on what the general public wants and needs to know from their point of view.

Crises of the future

In recent years, the Netherlands has faced several crises. We see that this can put a lot of pressure on society. Increasingly, we see that future crises will be more complex, large-scale and protracted. This demands something from everyone in our society: government, business, civil society organisations and residents of the Netherlands.

How this takes place is explained in the Security Strategy for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This describes the steps we will take to strengthen crisis management and increase society's preparedness. As we do not just work for ourselves, but we also work together.

Coordinating and advising

The communication department of the NCTV coordinates and advises other authorities on the deployment of risk and crisis communication. This is done through the National Crisis Communication Team( NKC) and as a partner in communication networks. The NCTV develops communication tools, shares new knowledge insights and conducts relevant research.

National Crisis Centre

The National Crisis Centre is available 24/7 for national and international partners within government, science and business.

Telephone: +31 (0)70 751 54 00
Email: frontoffice-ncc@minjenv.nl