Crisis management

Our attitude to security has changed significantly in recent years. We are now more focused on potential threats and on the role of the media (including new media) in crisis situations. But, most of all, we are concerned about the impact threats and crises have on our society.

A crisis is an event that can cause social disruption within a short timespan and that requires decisions and special measures to be taken under severe time constraints and with a high degree of uncertainty.

In the Netherlands, local or regional crises are usually dealt with by the local or regional authorities, such as the municipality or safety region. If a crisis goes beyond regional level or reaches national scale, such as major flooding or a flu pandemic, the central government comes into play.

The Minister of Security and Justice is the coordinating minister for crisis management. He or she is also responsible for strengthening national security in close collaboration with the other ministries. The NCTV assists the minister in carrying out this task.

National Crisis Centre

The National Crisis Center is available 24/7 for (inter) national partners within government, science and business via +31 70 751 54 00 and