Communication tools

Risk and crisis communication is essential to be able to deal with threats and crises. It increases society's resilience and resilience. Residents of the Netherlands know how to prepare themselves for a disaster and what to do if one happens unexpectedly.

Denk Vooruit

At residents of the Netherlands can find information on different types of risks and what measures the government takes to reduce the impact of a disaster. The website also provides practical tips on how people can get by in the first 48 hours after a disaster. For example, by putting together an emergency kit. And others tell how they prepare.


NL-Alert alerts and informs people about emergencies. An NL-Alert tells people what is going on, what they should do and where to find more information. An NL-Alert is sent via a mobile phone. On the NL-Alert website, partners can find communication tools to distribute through their own channels. In addition, an NL-Alert app has been developed for residents of border regions and people with visual impairments.

Dutch Sign Language interpreter (standby duty)

About 1.5 million people in the Netherlands are deaf or hard of hearing. Some of them depend on an interpreter in Dutch Sign Language. When a press conference is organised as part of a crisis, it is important that the message is presented to this group in an accessible way.

The NCTV has made arrangements with the Dutch Sign Language Centre for the deployment of an interpreter during crisis situations. Security regions and municipalities can also quickly deploy interpreters from the Dutch Sign Language Centre for a press conference through a standby duty scheme.

A request for the deployment of a sign language interpreter goes through the National Crisis Centre (NCC) of the NCTV (available 24/7).

Telephone: +31 (0)70 751 54 00

Public information number

Every government organisation in the Netherlands can use public information number 0800-1351 24/7 if there is a disaster or crisis. A contracted contact centre takes over answering public questions from a municipality, security region or ministry during an incident.

A request for the use of 0800-1351 is through the NCTV's National Crisis Centre (NCC) (available 24/7):

Telephone: +31 (0)70 751 54 00