Knowledge and research

The communications department conducts research into concerns and feelings about safety in the Netherlands in the event of a (specific) crisis situation. Knowledge and experiences in the field of risk and crisis communication are also actively gathered and shared. To be well prepared for tomorrow's crisis, we pay a lot of attention to education, training and practice.

Risk and crisis barometer

The Risk and Crisis Barometer (RCB) is conducted twice a year on behalf of the NCTV. The aim is to gain insight from society into concerns and feelings about safety in the Netherlands and the confidence the Dutch have in the government's actions during crises.

Flash poll

A flash poll is a survey in times of crisis. The NCTV regularly surveys the concerns and feelings of the Dutch citizens in response to a current crisis situation

Guidelines and umbrella documents

Handouts and reflections are regularly prepared for future crises: to learn and improve. A vessel of knowledge of all involved to tap from.

Umbrella documents on crisis communication are developed by the NCTV in cooperation with various communication partners as a deepening of nationwide and national crisis plans. Each umbrella document describes a specific threat. These documents contribute to thorough crisis preparation.

Publications are also produced on specific themes.


Independent research on topics related to risk and crisis communication is conducted regularly.

Education, training and practice

Preparing for a crisis situation can be done in various ways. The National Academy for Crisis Management offers various (role-based) training courses with a focus on crisis communication.