National Crisis Communication Team and Network

As a network organisation, the communications department works with diverse national and international partners in the field of risk and crisis communication every day. We actively share (crisis) lessons learned, experiences and communication expertise. So we know how to find each other quickly during a crisis situation.

National Crisis Communication Team (NKC)

During a national crisis or incident with major social impact, the National Crisis Communication Team (NKC) is the central government's information hub for press and public communication. The NKC is part of the national crisis structure.

The NKC determines the communication strategy at national level. It also formulates communication frameworks and key messages and coordinates these with relevant communication partners.

In the video below, we explain what the NKC does.

Composition of the NKC

The composition of the NKC depends on the nature and scale of an incident or crisis. Partners with an active communication role join the team. Each partner involved retains its regular communication tasks and responsibilities. The timing, content (and its comprehensibility) and role allocation of communication are coordinated in the NKC.

The Communication directors of the Ministry of Justice and Security (JenV) and of the department most involved in terms of content are in charge. There is also a basic staff made up of (crisis) communication specialists from The communication department of the NCTV.

Tasks of the NKC

The NKC carries out the following tasks:

  • developing, coordinating and partly implementing the central government's press and public communications;
  • communication analysis, advice and approach for Interdepartmental Coordination Consultation (IAO), the Interdepartmental Crisis Management Committee (ICCb) and the Ministerial Crisis Decision-making Committee (MCCb) on the communication strategy to be followed and the communicative consequences of decisions taken or intended;
  • informing other authorities and partners about the central government's communication activities and coordinating on timing and content;
  • researching public perception of the situation;
  • monitoring and analysing media.

Network of security regions & national and international groups

The communication department is actively involved in the network risk and crisis communication of the security regions. In this network, representatives of the security regions meet on a regular basis to maintain contacts and exchange experiences. In a similar way, there is regular contact with crisis communication professionals from all ministries and some implementing organisations. We are also part of the European Union's Crisis Communications Network and the working group on communications within the Benelux.

Workshops and presentations

The communications department regularly organises workshops and presentations on risk and crisis communication for network partners.