Terrorist Threat Assessment Netherlands

The Netherlands makes use of a system of threat levels indicating the chance of a terrorist attack in or against the Netherlands. The NCTV publishes the Terrorist Threat Assessment Netherlands (DTN) two or thee times a year. Various factors are taken into account in the threat level assessment. In balancing all these factors, a conclusion can be drawn: the current threat level.

The Terrorist Threat Assessment Netherlands (DTN) is a general assessment of radicalization, extremism and of the national and international terrorist threat to the Netherlands and Dutch interests abroad. The assessment is a trend report in which the main threat developments are outlined. The DTN is primarily drawn up for the benefit of the administrative and political leadership and policy makers.


The DTN is drawn up using the information of services services responsible for fighting terrorism and radicalisation. Information from publicly accessible sources, administrative sources and the NCTV’s own analyses is also used for this purpose.

Five threat levels

The threat level is the conclusion of the threat assessment. It captures in one word an estimate of the risk of an attack in or against the Netherlands. There are five levels of accumulating threat:

  • Level 1: Minimal: It is unlikely that a terrorist attack will occur in the Netherlands.
  • Level 2: Limited: There is a slight chance of a terrorist attack in the Netherlands.
  • Level 3: Significant: A terrorist attack in the Netherlands is conceivable.
  • Level 4: Substantial: There is a real chance of a terrorist attack in the Netherlands.
  • Level 5: Critical: A terrorist attack in the Netherlands is imminent.

Current threat level: significant

The current threat level is substantial as of 12 December 2023.

DTN-number Date of publication Level
DTN 1 - 7 May 2005  Substantial
DTN 8 - 11 March 2007 Limited
DTN 12 - 18 March 2008 Substantial
DTN 19 - 31 November 2009 Limited
DTN 32 - 50  March 2013 Substantial
DTN 51 - 58  December 2019 Significant

DTN december 2023

- present

December 2023 Substantial


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