State threats

The Netherlands is an open society. We work together with partners, both at home and abroad, and this cooperative approach has done a great deal for our community. But the world is changing: we have become more dependent on digital technology. The economy, our security and the geopolitical landscape are becoming ever more intertwined. While all these developments offer opportunities, they also entail risks to national security.

State actors are becoming increasingly assertive about pursuing their national interests, and they are prepared tot use tactics that can undermine our prosperity, stability and openness, whether by design or inadvertently. In both cases we use the term ‘state threat’. We seek to protect our way of life from such threats.

The government is committed to a comprehensive, whole of society approach, with the involvement of all its partners in both the public and private sectors. In this way we develop a system and form a partnership that lends itself to a custom made and case-by-case approach.

The letter from the Minister of Justice and Security to the President of the House of Representatives of april 18ty 2019 contains a description of the way we cooperate with private and public partners. The focus now is on protecting democratic processes and institutions, countering undesirable foreign interference targeting diaspora communities and an approach to economic security.