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  1. Public survey on disinformation

    Fake news, disinformation and information manipulation: all these terms have quickly become commonplace in the Netherlands ...

    Publication | 28-10-2022

  2. Analysis of the hybrid threat

    This document deals with the threat to national security from hybrid conflict, which is defined as follows: A conflict between ...

    Publication | 05-09-2019

  3. Letter to the House of Representatives - National security and 5G

    Letter of 1 July 2019 from Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus and State Secretary for Economic Affairs and ...

    Parliamentary document | 19-07-2019

  4. Appendix letter to the House of Representatives - State threats

    As discussed in the accompanying letter, our approach to countering state threats consists of a number of generic measures. Given ...

    Parliamentary document | 24-05-2019

  5. Letter to the House of Representatives - State threats

    An open society with an open economy is the foundation of our form of social organisation and the source of our prosperity. Our ...

    Parliamentary document | 18-04-2019

  6. What are state threats?

    State actors are becoming increasingly assertive about pursuing their national interests, and they are prepared to use ...

    Publication | 06-04-2019

  7. Countering state threats

    Our approach to countering state threats is focused on protecting the Netherlands' people, infrastructure and information.

    Publication | 06-04-2019