The National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security protects the Netherlands from threats that could disrupt Dutch society. Together with the partners within the government, the research community and the private sector, the NCTV ensures that the Netherlands’ critical infrastructure is safe and remains that way.

Since the establishment of the NCTV, central government has had a single organisation that deals with counterterrorism, cyber security, national security and crisis management. Together with our partners in the security sector, the NCTV is committed to making the Netherlands a safe and stable place. The focus is on preventing and minimising social disruption.

The NCTV works to keep the Netherlands safe and stable by bringing together various parties to address matters of national security and encouraging them to take effective measures. Our focus is on preventing an limiting disruptions to society.

Main tasks

  • making the Netherlands cyber secure
  • preventing attacks and combating terrorism and extremism
  • making the Netherlands resilient to threats from state actors

Combining these tasks into a single organisation makes the government more effective in these areas. The NCTV and its staff fall under the responsibility of the Minister of Justice and Security. For management and organisational purposes, the NCTV comes under the aegis of the Ministry of Justice and Security, functioning in a similar way to a directorate-general.


  • analysing and reducing identified threats
  • providing surveillance and protection for persons, property, services and events, as well as for vital sectors
  • expanding and strengthening cyber security
  • making property, persons, structures and networks more resistant to threats
  • ensuring effective crisis management and crisis communication

Comprehensive approach to national security

With its open society, in combination with the worsening geopolitical situation, the Netherlands is vulnerable. This vulnerability manifests itself mainly in threats to economic and digital security. Certain troubling tendencies can also be observed within Dutch society. To protect our freedoms, prosperity, openness and international position, a comprehensive approach to security is essential, as a foundation for policymaking.

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