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  1. Authorities neutralise specific threat posed by Arnhem-based terrorist network

    On Thursday the police arrested seven men, thereby eliminating a concrete threat posed by a terrorist network. As ever, though, ...

    News item | 28-09-2018 | 17:58

  2. NCTV: chance of attack in the Netherlands still real

    The jihadist threat has evolved over the past few months, but the threat level for the Netherlands remains at ‘substantial’ ...

    News item | 26-09-2018 | 10:37

  3. Threat continues to evolve, but threat level remains at 4

    The jihadist threat to the Netherlands is changing. The collapse of the ‘caliphate’ has weakened ISIS as an organisation. Since ...

    News item | 12-04-2018 | 14:57

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