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  1. Terrorist threat somewhat higher: possibility of an attack in the Netherlands is realistic

    The terrorist threat has again increased somewhat over the past few months, due to factors including the war in Gaza, desecration ...

    News item | 11-06-2024 | 15:30

  2. Sovereign citizen movement undermines democratic rule of law

    People who declare themselves sovereign turn away from the government and other institutions. Although they tend to keep an open ...

    News item | 02-05-2024 | 15:39

  3. Terrorist threat level raised to 'substantial'

    The previous Terrorist Threat Assessment for the Netherlands (DTN) described a heightened terrorist threat due to the fact that ...

    News item | 12-12-2023 | 16:00

  4. Cyber Security Assessment 2023: expect the unexpected

    The digital threat for the Netherlands remains as high as ever and changes continuously. State actors use cyberattacks to achieve ...

    News item | 03-07-2023 | 09:30

  5. NCTV’s Terrorist Threat Assessment 58: increased terrorist threat to the Netherlands

    The terrorist threat to the Netherlands has increased over the past six months. There are more and more indications that jihadist ...

    News item | 29-06-2023 | 11:26

  6. NCTV’s Terrorist Threat Assessment: threat in and to the Netherlands has become more multifaceted and diffuse

    There are currently no specific indications that radicalised individuals are preparing an attack. However, there are individuals ...

    News item | 07-11-2022 | 16:00

  7. New Cybersecurity Strategy sets out ambitions and actions for a digitally secure society

    Today the new Netherlands Cybersecurity Strategy (NLCS) 2022-2028 was presented to the House of Representatives. The strategy ...

    News item | 10-10-2022 | 18:00

  8. NCTV: Risk of disruption greater due to imbalance between threat and resilience

    Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands 2022

    News item | 04-07-2022 | 11:00

  9. NCTV Terrorist Threat Assessment: threat of terrorist attack remains conceivable, but there are no specific indications of one

    At present, there are no concrete indications pointing to a terrorist attack in the Netherlands, though it is conceivable. For ...

    News item | 17-05-2022 | 16:39

  10. NCTV Terrorist Threat Assessment: no specific indications point to an attack, but the threat remains conceivable

    At present, there are individuals in the Netherlands who are becoming radicalised or who are already highly radicalised and could ...

    News item | 05-01-2022 | 09:17