Terrorist Threat Assessment for the Netherlands - DTN 51

What is happening in the Netherlands with regard to radicalisation and extremism? And what terrorist threats does the Netherlands face? These questions are answered three times a year in the Terrorist Threat Assessment for the Netherlands: The DTN.

The National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism, the NCTV, draws up the DTN on the basis of information from the intelligence and security services, the police, Dutch embassies, and open sources such as the media and the internet.

The analysis presented in the DTN is used to set a threat level: an assessment of the risk of a terrorist attack taking place in the Netherlands. When the first DTN was published in 2005 there were four threat levels. A fifth was added in 2016.

Only once, on 18 March 2019, in the hours immediately following the attack on a tram in Utrecht, has the threat level been raised to level 5, the highest level, and only for the province of Utrecht.

The most recent DTN analysis sets the terrorist threat in the Netherlands at significant: level 3.

At english.nctv.nl, everyone can read the DTN and see what developments have led to the current threat level.