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  1. The Netherlands Cybersecurity Strategy at a glance

    People and businesses should be able to benefit fully from participation in the digital society. Security is an essential part of ...

    Publication | 06-12-2022

  2. The Netherlands Cybersecurity Strategy 2022-2028

    In producing the Netherlands Cybersecurity Strategy (NLCS), the government’s aim is to achieve a digitally secure Netherlands. ...

    Publication | 06-12-2022

  3. The Netherlands Cybersecurity Strategy - Action plan

    Ambitions and actions for a digitally secure society.

    Publication | 06-12-2022

  4. Infosheet Threat Assessment State-sponsored Actors - 2

    Publication | 28-11-2022

  5. Threat Assessment State-sponsored Actors (TASA)

    This Threat Assessment State-sponsored Actors (TASA) is a joint analysis of the General Intelligence and Security Service ( ...

    Publication | 28-11-2022

  6. Terrorist Threat Assessment for the Netherlands 57

    On the basis of the 57th edition of the Terrorist Threat Assessment for the Netherlands (DTN), the threat level has been set at ...

    Publication | 07-11-2022

  7. Infographic Terrorist Threat Assessment for the Netherlands 57

    The DTN is a periodic analysis of radicalisation, extremism and the terrorist threat to the Netherlands.

    Publication | 07-11-2022

  8. Public survey on disinformation

    Fake news, disinformation and information manipulation: all these terms have quickly become commonplace in the Netherlands ...

    Publication | 28-10-2022

  9. Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands 2022

    In order to function without disruption, it is crucial that society can withstand digital threats. The security of digital ...

    Publication | 04-07-2022

  10. Infographic Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands 2022

    The Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands (CSAN) 2022 provides insight into the strategic themes relevant to the digital security ...

    Publication | 04-07-2022