Critical Infrastructure

(An animation.)

VOICE-OVER: The critical infrastructure is essential for the functioning of our society. We depend on it more and more. Because an insignificant incident can have significant repercussions and disrupt the country. What can we do to prevent this? Or at least minimise the impact. Let us start with the cause. A group of extremists hack into the electricity network control system. They deactivate several switching stations, which knocks out the power supply. Triggering a power outage that spreads to large parts of the country, with disastrous consequences. Payment traffic almost breaks down completely, so that companies can't operate and lose a great deal of business. Most of the mobile network is down. In higher buildings the water supply is disrupted. Transportation is disrupted, leaving many travellers stranded. Hospitals can temporarily fall back on emergency generators. But other health facilities don't have them. Chemical plants gradually shut down to prevent environmental disasters. Within six hours, power returns to the first critical processes, but it takes two days for the entire country to be back up and running. The economy has suffered enormous consequences. People have died, and hundreds are seriously injured. This situation is all too real. And such a disruption could also be caused by flooding or extreme weather. Many critical processes and other areas of society depend on electricity. But also the failure of our satellite communications, aviation, shipping, gas or water supply could have far-reaching consequences. More than ever processes, companies and organisations are tied to each other and our society. That's why we are constantly monitoring what our society needs to function properly, so we know what is critical, what can happen and what we can do in the case of a disruption. Together, we work on a more resilient system. Will you join us?

(The Dutch coat of arms next to the text: National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism. Ministry of Security and Justice. The screen turns orange and white. On-screen text: A production by the Government of the Netherlands.)