Netherlands Cybersecurity Strategy 2022-2028

People and businesses should be able to benefit fully from participation in the digital society. Security is an essential part of this. Our economy, democracy and society depend on the security and reliability of digital products and connections. This dependency is only going to increase in future, so investment in cybersecurity is an investment in our future.

Four pillars

In producing the Netherlands Cybersecurity Strategy 2022-2028, the government is working towards a future in which our cyber resilience can always keep pace with any cyber threats we face. To achieve that vision, we have formulated a series of aims on the basis of four pillars.

  • Pillar I: Cyber resilience of the government, businesses and civil society organisations
  • Pillar II: Secure and innovative digital products and services
  • Pillar III: Countering cyber threats posed by states and criminals
  • Pillar IV: Cybersecurity labour market, education and cyber resilience of the public

Five priorities

The government is therefore investing in strengthening and transforming the digital ecosystem so that no single organisation or individual can be the weakest link any more. The government’s efforts will be based on the following five priorities:

  1. Be more aware of cyber threats so that we know and understand them.
  2. Ensure sufficient cyber expertise is available on the labour market so that we can meet the challenges we face.
  3. Be aware of and understand risks and threats.
  4. Legislation to ensure that frameworks are clear and verifiable.
  5. Review of national cybersecurity system to ensure effective and efficient use of cyber capabilities.