Security and civil aviation

Security and civil aviation

The Civil Aviation Security Department is responsible for ensuring the security of civil aviation in the Netherlands, with respect to acts of terrorism such as bombings and other types of attacks on aircraft and civil airports, skyjackings and other forms of sabotage with lethal effects. The Netherlands has civil airports at Schiphol, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Enschede, Eindhoven and Groningen.

The Minister of Justice establishes the standard for civil aviation security. The industry - airlines, airports etc. - is responsible for implementing the security measures, under the supervision of the Royal Military and Border Police, which acts on behalf of the Minister of Justice.


The Civil Aviation Security Department is responsible for drafting and updating national and international aviation security policy and legislation. The department has the authority to take measures in the event of a threat against civil aviation. If the airports sector as a whole is under threat, an alert will be issued. The department monitors the security level at the airports and guides the Royal Military and Border Police in its oversight tasks and with respect to armed security. It also approves airport and airline security plans and researches new security concepts, processes and equipment.


The priorities are passenger and baggage screening; airport security, including access control and perimeter surveillance; aircraft protection; security personnel training; implementation of security clearances of airport personnel; air cargo screening; and armed security, including deploying air marshals.