Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands

The Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands is an annual publication of the National Cyber Security Centre, a division of the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism. The Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands offers insight into interests, threats and resilience, as well as related developments in the field of cybersecurity. The CSAN is compiled in cooperation with public and private partners. It offers a factual description based on insight and expertise from the business community, government bodies and academics.

In The Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands 2016 (October 2016) are four key findings:

  • Professional criminals have evolved into sophisticated actors and carry out long-lasting and high-quality operations
  • Digital economic espionage by foreign intelligence services puts the competitiveness of the Netherlands under pressure
  • Ransomware is commonplace and has become even more advanced
  • Advertising networks have not yet shown the ability to cope with malvertising