Security, economic stability and the general well-being of EU citizens largely depend on essential infrastructures and the services these infrastructures provide, for all EU Member States. New and complex threats highlight the need for further synergies and closer cooperation at all levels. International cooperation, both on the strategic and operational level, are imperative in order to successfully safeguard Critical Infrastructure against terrorism, natural disasters and other hazards.

The VITEX exercise aims to provide an intensive and innovative learning experience for participants from various disciplines and Member States. The exercise focuses on cooperation, to bolster protection of Critical Infrastructure by bringing together relevant networks in this field.

The aims of the exercise are:

  1. Bringing together relevant networks, both on the national level and in the EU.
  2. Strengthening awareness of:
    - The need for cooperation for protecting Critical Infrastructure.
    - The need for joint exercising (public and private) to better protect Critical Infrastructure.
  3. Enhancing insight in the impact of the disruption or failure of Critical Infrastructure on society, including the cascading and cross border effects.
  4. Gaining insight in how the cooperation between the networks can mitigate the impact of potential disruptions of society and Critical Infrastructure.
  5. Further establishing guidelines or lessons learned.

Exercise guide

The exercise design is a hands-on manual on how to organise a VITEX-style exercise on almost any scale and topic. This guide is available for everyone to encourage possible follow up exercises in the future.