Review of policy on critical infrastructure

In 2014, the critical infrastructure of the Netherlands was reviewed. The purpose for this was that Dutch society had become more dependent on critical infrastructure, for example on IT systems and electricity, and failure of it had become less accepted in society. Moreover, the interconnectedness of critical infrastructures made it difficult to predict cascading effects. In short, the review of the policy on critical infrastructure aimed for an updated, more rigorous approach to protecting critical infrastructure.

The review of policy on critical infrastructure in the Netherlands has led to:

  • A shift from critical sectors to critical processes, as not all processes in a sector are critical.
  • One comprehensive and up-to-date list of the critical processes of the Netherlands.
  • Focus on the impact of criticality, the impact of a disruption of the critical processes within sectors is key in this focus.
  • Prioritising by classification of critical infrastructure in two categories, A and B, in order to be able to prioritise during incidents and custom solutions for resilience-enhancing measures.
  • Insight in risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and level of resilience.
  • Tailor-made arrangements for each critical process or on the national and regional level.