Annual plan

The organisation’s main objective is to prevent and limit social disruption by means of protecting vital interests.

All the NCTV’s activities can broadly be related to the following main tasks:

  • Indicating and ensuring the reduction of identified threats;
  • Providing protection and security for persons, property, services and events, as well as for vital sectors;
  • Expanding and strengthening cyber security;
  • Making governments (including the security regions), citizens, businesses and industries more resistant to threats;
  • Ensuring the best possible crisis management and crisis communication.

Security is of the utmost importance to our society. To effectively keep everything secure and everyone safe, collaboration is crucial. The NCTV works with a host of partners: Ministries, police, defence forces, intelligence and security services, safety regions, and societal organisations. We work with partners at home and abroad. Our guiding principle is to complement our partners’ efforts.

International and homeland security issues are constantly changing, which is why they constantly require a fresh approach and bespoke solutions. Cyber security, counterterrorism and crisis management remain the three pillars of the NCTV. We do anticipate that the threats within these will change and increase, some of these threats will be incidental, others structural. All will have various degrees of impact. This enormous diversity requires a flexible organisation with a wide range of expertise, an organisation that operates effectively within a well-functioning network. Only then can we combat foreseen and unforeseen threats.