CT Infobox

An important information hub in counterterrorism is the Counterterrorism Infobox. In the CT Infobox, information about networks and persons involved in terrorism is collected, compared and assessed.

The CT Infobox is a partnership of parties within the security, investigation and intelligence domain: AIVD, MIVD, Central Unit of the police, KMar, IND, FIOD-ECD, Public Prosecution Services, FIU-NL, Inspectorate SZW and NCTV. They have joint forces in contributing to combatting terrorism.

Advice on measures

The CT Infobox gathers information on networks and persons that are involved in terrorism. After parties have assessed the information, they determine which measures are possible on an individual level. For example, measures under criminal or immigration law or disruptive measures. The CT Infobox provides advice to the participating parties regarding the measures to be taken. Recommendations are also given on the desirability of the provision of data within the partnership or to third parties.