Security Regions

At regional level, the police and municipal authorities work together to enhance safety and security. The municipality bears primary responsibility for developing and implementing local security policy. The local police are the first point of contact for reporting accidents, danger, threats, and suspicious activities or objects.

Various disasters – such as the major fire at a chemical plant near Moerdijk and the shooting at a shopping centre in Alphen aan den Rijn – have shown, however, that many municipalities are too small to handle a crisis or disaster on their own. Moreover, there was a growing need for greater cooperation between services, including the emergency services. In recognition of this, the Safety Regions Act (2010) was passed to ensure effective and efficient emergency response and crisis management under a single administrative framework in each region.

Pooling resources at regional level makes the emergency services better equipped to deal with threats like major fires, large-scale events, terrorism, pandemics and nuclear accidents.