The Netherlands comprehensive action programme to combat jihadism

Jihadism (violent extremism) is a substantial threat to the national security and our democracy. By implementing the Netherlands comprehensive action programme to combat jihadism, the government presses for action in facing the threat and in preventing attacks in a powerful and broad approach.

The Action programme has started in August 2014. It consists of measures that, on the hand, are aimed at combatting and weakening the jihadist movement in the Netherlands and, on the other hand, at preventing radicalism. These repressive and preventive measures are applied in conjunction.


By applying such preventive measures, an attempt is made - as early as possible within the process of radicalisation - at preventing youth from radicalisation. Measures include empowering youth against propaganda, supporting families of radicalised young persons and cooperating with Islamic communities.

The repressive measures involve taking action against anyone who uses violence, fuels hatred, recruits, departs to or returns from a conflict area. Measures include seizing the passports of jihadists who threaten to leave the country, cancelling benefits and allowances of jihadists who have already left and prosecuting those who recruit or instigate violence.


The Action programme has started in the autumn of 2014. The progress report of the Action programme is sent to the House of Parliament four times a year. This is sent simultaneously with the Terrorist Threat Assessment Netherlands.

Cooperation and coordination

The Ministers of Security and Justice and Social Affairs and Employment are responsible for the implementation of the Action programme. Other Ministries cooperate as well, such as the police force, the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD), the Public Prosecution Service and many municipalities. Also non-governmental organisations and individuals contribute, such as social institutions, mosques, imams, teachers and parents. The National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) coordinates the implementation of the Action programme.