Who is the NCTV?

Around 200 staff work alongside the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV), Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg. The work of the office of the NCTV is built around various programmes, allowing staff to respond to relevant social trends. In addition to the programmes, the office of the NCTV is subdivided into units, which carry out the organisation’s ‘permanent tasks’, i.e. those duties that are independent of whatever is taking place in society at large.

Pieter-Jaap AalbersbergNCTV

Patricia Zorko
Director NCTV with portfolio: cybersecurity and state threats
Cybersecurity Programme

State Threats Programme

Strategy Unit

Simone Smit
Director NCTV with portfolio: counterterrorism
Counterterrorism Programme

Programme to Enhance National and International Cooperation on Counterterrorism

Civil Aviation Security and Travel Movement Alert Programme

Operational Management Unit

HP Schreinemachers
Director NCTV with portfolio: national crisis management
Local Cooperation Programme

Surveillance and Protection Programme

Coordination and Crisis Management/Communications Unit

Analysis Unit