Analysis and Strategy Department

The Analysis and Strategy Department (DAS) has at all times the most complete and up-to-date overview possible of all threats and risks to national security. This enables it to supply timely, high-quality threatrelated products (such as threat and risk analyses, scenarios and studies). It works and consults with other parties within and outside the organisation, providing a solid information basis for the NCTV’s work. DAS produces short, medium and long-term analyses. When decisions need to be made in a crisis situation, the department draws up the latest threat or incident assessment, containing details of the threat or incident, an estimate of the severity of the threat and its likelihood of occurring, and its potential impact on national security. To further aid decision-making and crisis communication it also provides an indication of press reaction and public perception. An initial assessment needs to be made available to all relevant parties as soon as possible after a crisis arises. DAS also provides back office services to the National Crisis Centre (NCC) in regard to analysing threat-related communications.

DAS aims their core strategies in the area of national security, counterterrorism and cyber security. Key strategic developments include those affecting the safety regions, the establishment of a single national police force and growing public private cooperation. These all affect the tasks and position of the NCTV and so demand thorough network management by liaison officers and a strategic response, as well as constant reflection on the NCTV’s role. The department also oversees international services and legal affairs.