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Legislative proposal on passenger data submitted to House of Representatives

In the course of 2018 airlines operating flights to and from third countries and flights within the European Union will come...

News item | 11-01-2018

Jihadist travellers and local jihadists continue to pose a threat

The jihadist threat to the West has by no means diminished, not even after the fall of Raqqa. Both al Qa’ida and ISIS still...

News item | 23-11-2017

Digital resilience is lagging behind the increasing threat

The digital resilience of individuals and organisations is lagging behind the increasing threat. Government, business and...

News item | Webpage | Address | 31-08-2017

Attacks confirm Threat Assessment findings

The West continues to face the threat of jihadist terrorism. Since the start of this year, dozens of people have been killed...

News item | 04-07-2017

Threat level in the Netherlands: real chance of an attack

The chance of an attack in the Netherlands is still real. The threat level in the Netherlands remains at 4 on a scale of 1 to...

News item | 11-04-2017

Rathenau Institute: the government and private sector are not sufficiently protected from cyber threats

According to a report published today by the Rathenau Institute, the current measures designed to protect the government and...

News item | 08-03-2017

New powers for dealing with terrorism

On 1 March 2017, three laws entered into force within the framework of the plan of action ‘An Integrated Approach to...

News item | 08-03-2017

Comprehensive approach returnees

Returning foreign terrorist fighters (returnees) pose a potential threat to our national security.

News item | 15-02-2017

Attack Berlin

The attack in Berlin is no reason the change the threat level in the Netherlands. The threat level in the Netherlands remains...

News item | 20-12-2016

Schiphol and Port of Rotterdam promote online resilience

The Netherlands’ two ‘mainports’, Schiphol Airport and the Port of Rotterdam, have launched websites designed to promote...

News item | 06-12-2016