makes use of cookies and web statistics. The reasons are explained below. You are also informed of precisely which cookies are placed by and why this is done.

What type of cookie does use? uses cookies for web statistics, research and forms.

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are cookies that are able to follow visitors when they navigate over other websites. does not use any tracking cookies. For that reason the website does not support the DoNotTrack browser setting. acts in conformity with Dutch legislation.

Cookies for web statistics and research uses cookies for research and web statistics. The NCTV does this in order to understand how visitors use the website. This information helps to improve the site. Examples of improvements include supplementing the information or making the site easier to use.

These cookies do not affect your privacy in any way. They are therefore covered by the cookie exception clause laid down in the Dutch Telecommunications Act. therefore does not request permission to place these cookies.

Web statistics uses web statistics. For this purpose uses the open source web analysis package Piwik. The NCTV analyses this data. That makes it possible to attune the website better to its users' needs. The NCTV does not use the collected data for any purpose other than to improve the website. The cookies concerned are shown in the table below.

Name of cookiePurpose
Cookie_pk_id Is the visitor new, or has he visited the site before?
Cookie _pk_ses Which pages has the visitor viewed?